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Improve your CSS code?

CSS or cascading stylesheet can be written with different coding styles. A well organized and neat CSS code is a crucial feature of PSD to HTML conversion would make the process more efficient and cleaner. Well defined CSS code leads to lesser difficulty in managing or editing in the longer run. In this article, we would discuss the 10 tips or suggestions on how to write a better CSS code.

One line per rule

A problem for developers and programmers is to have multiple rules within a single line. Code efficiency is important as better coding leads to fast navigation and higher performance. The benefit to writing CSS code with a single line is to develop separate lines after lines of codes in the longer run. From a one line to a given code and separating lines better efficiency is gained for CSS.

Meaningful names for IDs and classes

Modifications and changes to a given ID or class so as to have a different CSS stylesheet necessarily requires a meaningful name. Meaningful names for IDs and classes increases the referencing for CSS. With the referencing for what the HTML stands for, the coder figures out and leads to an effective code.

Remain consistent

Changes to a coding pattern for the CSS code does not recover in the long run. With a CSS code one should remain consistent and steady with a code pattern. The coder must not opt for easy editing and choose to style the CSS with different lines of code as this can disrupt the code pattern and lead to imbalance.

CSS inheritance

The CSS inheritance is one of the numerous ways to gain reduction to CSS file size. The inheritance is called CSS, object oriented cascading style sheet. The CSS defines how to benefit when multiple style properties are similar within the child element of parent element, it is far better to have the definition for a parent element only.


Another way of maintaining coding for CSS code is possible from indentation. From indentation a CSS code can be organized and neatly designed to be worked with later. The CSS coding is far relevant with an easier readable code and code identification between lines.

Shorthand CSS code

A shorthand code for making CSS code brings a fast speed to PSD to HTML concersionprocess. From the reduction in clutter, the CSS would be better and easier to manage. Applying shorthand CSS code is much better in clarifying the neatness and reducing objections to CSS writing speed. CSS code would be that much more cleaner from a shorthand CSS code.

Start with CSS reset

CSS resets are important for ensuring that the browsers display the items properly. CSS coding would become easier to get various browsers to display the layout as the same. Using the CSS resets would lend more credibility from having correct styled displays.

Splitting into multiple files

Where there are countless number of CSS lines it is better to separate CSS into multiple groups with multiple files. This indicates that the CSS coding is much easier and time saving from locating CSS code blocks instead of searching for one file with thousands of lines.


While doing PSD to HTML conversion, using a comment on CSS code would be better to manage and locating the code blocks effectively. Comments can neatly organize the code into similar elements and groups with simple comments can be defined. Searching, fixing and mailing with code groups can maintain and make easier the organizations to CSS code.

Separating hacks

The normal process of conditional elements and hacks is included within the CSS code. More importantly by keeping the hacks separate from style.css file would lead to hacks being not mixed with rest of code, edits and adjustments more easier. Managing CSS code is swift without affecting the main CSS code.

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